Big Sister + Little Sister = Beyond Adorable

Petit Couture - Simone DressLittle sisters always want to follow big sister especially when it comes to looking cute on special occasions or for family photos. Imagine your girls dressed with the right touches of cotton and haute couture to be comfy and charming without being stuffy. Dressing your girls similar doesn’t have to be challenging and many labels design outfits that simply look perfect together without looking identical. Big sis and little sis can shine in their own spotlight while being gorgeous side by side.
Labels like Petit Couture and Haute Baby offer unique choices for big and little sisters to look stylish together while having some individuality. Toddler dresses and baby rompers like the Haute Baby “Raspberry Splash” are perfect for giving baby room in her sorbet striped bubble romper while crawling after big sis who is spinning around in a whimsical skirt of flowery swirls and soft tulle.
When you’re dressing your little ones in coordinating outfits, it is important that the fit is tailored to the age group so your girls can be comfortable and free to move, crawl and dance around. Baby sets will often have snap bottoms for easy diaper changes and while toddler versions will have skirts made for swirling and twirling. There’s nothing worse than trying to take a family photo if the kids are uncomfortable and fidgeting in scratchy material.
Outfits made from 100% cotton or twill allow for a tailored look that isn’t stiff. Petit Couture’s Simone Dress is a perfect example of twill and sateen that looks crisp and tailored without any fussy fabrics that will make your kids uncomfortable. Not to mention, that the bright modern prints of the Simone Dress look equally fabulous on baby as it does on Big Sis. It’s a look that Mama will want to steal!
You can’t go wrong with a coordinated look for Big Sister and Little Sister for special family events or photos, just remember to look for the right amount of comfort and style and your daughters will look beyond adorable. After all, happy kids make for fabulous photogenic smiles and special family memories!