Gift Ideas for Moms-to-Be

If you’ve got a brand new mom or Mom-to-Be on your shopping list, you know how hard it is to sort through all of the unique, adorable, and fabulous baby and mommy products out there. Especially if you don’t have children, or your own babies are older, you may not be familiar with some of the new and exciting gift ideas for new mommies.  Baby Bling Street is proud to feature a number of super-cute and clever gift ideas to help make any new mother’s life easier.

Part 1: Cute AND Practical Gifts for New Moms and Moms-to-Be

Practical Gifts for New Moms and Moms to Be

These cute and practical gifts come in a variety of colors and styles suitable for boys and girls

Looking for something that she’ll use every day? Something she’ll marvel at, saying “how could I survive without this,” because it makes her life so much easier?  The collected mommy gear above is the way to go then.  Bundle each of these must-have mom-to-be gifts above together for under $75! Plus, they each come in a variety of patterns to match the new mothers’ style and suitable for girls AND boys (except the diaper rash remedy, of course!).


Grandma El’s Diaper Rash Remedy and Prevention 2.0 oz tube
This diaper rash product is a unique, pediatrician-recommended solution to the most common baby problem.  Safe and effective, this hypo-allergenic product is proudly made in the USA and contains only the safest ingredients for your baby.  Grandma El’s creates a breathable barrier that let’s baby’s skin breathe while protecting, healing and moisturizing without the usual gunky and messy white pastes and creams. Get the Diaper Rash Remedy here »

The Buti-Bag Co. Diaper Clutch
These sophisticated clutches come in a variety of whimsical and stylish patterns, perfect for concealing 2-3 diapers, as well as other on-the-go diaper change necessities. The clutch includes a zipper closure pouch to hold an ample amount of baby wipes and is 10″ wide x 6″ high, 100% cotton, and water-repellant with a microfiber lining that will keep items fresh all day. The clutch can also pull double duty for a day out with the gals, perfect for lipstick, cell phone, sunglasses, wallet or e-reader. Shop the Diaper Clutches here »

Padalily Car Seat Handle Cushion
This is a must-have for any new mom who plans to use an infant car seat carrier.  Padalily’s Car Seat Handle Cushion is a comfy, plush and stylish cushion that wraps around the carrier handle, easing the very real pain and strain of toting an infant car seat.  The car seat handle cushion is reversible so you have two fashion statements in one, plus multi-purpose rings on each side are perfect for hanging toys, pacifiers and more.  Shop for Padalily Car Seat Handle Cushions here »

Le Bibble Baby Bottle Bib
This ingenious little product is a bib for baby bottles that catches chin dribbles and keeps bottle leaks from becoming messy clothes stains or sticky baby necks. These adorable bottle bibs feature a double layer of absorbent, organic cotton with an elastic collar.  Available in multiple patterns, this is the perfect shower gift! Shop Le Bibble here »

Buti-Bag Co. “Binkmeister” Pacifier Clip
Help the new mom in your life keep pacifiers from disappearing! These super-cute pacifier clips are available in a variety of colors and styles and can be used with almost any pacifier that has a ring, keeping pacifiers clean and off the floor.  Shop But-Bag Co. “Binkmeister” Pacifier Clips here »

Bonus: All of these items are lovingly made in the USA!

Made in the USA



Check back next week for Part 2 where we’ll feature indulgent keepsake gifts for moms-to-be.