New Mom Survival Tips #5: Toys

Toys are not only a great way to occupy your baby, but these creative play things also help your baby learn important developmental skills. Choosing age-appropriate toys for your child is essential, according to Toys that are designed for your infant’s specific age level and developmental level will help them grow by leaps and bounds.

Toys for Infants 0-3 Months

Your newborn baby may sleep for a majority of the day, but they still require stimulation and interaction during awake time. Consider allowing your baby to lie in the crib while awake and watch the nursery mobile overhead. A small mirror provides a young infant with something to focus on, and provides great mental stimulation to soothe baby during those cranky or fussy moments.

Toys for Infants 3-6 Months

By the time babies reach this stage, they will start to put their hands — and everything else — into their tiny mouths. Infants explore the world around them through their mouth, so it’s important to find toys that are safe for chewing. Colorful teething rings with different textures serve multiple purposes at this stage, allowing your child to explore unique surfaces while also soothing their sore gums. Activity play mats also allow them to kick and grab for colorful toys, and get in the exercise that they need. Make sure that anything that goes into baby’s mouth is entirely free of lead, phthalates, PVC and BPA (bisphenol-A) which are known carcinogens. Look for teething items that are made in the USA, such as Dano2 toys.

Toys for Infants 6-9 Months

Your baby may be sitting up by now, and is probably starting to learn how to scoot, crawl and move on their own. It’s time to break out some new play toys, such as a ball that you can roll or a rattle that can be shaken. Board books will help baby establish their first language skills, as your baby intently listens to you reading the story. Let the baby handle the book as well. Books that have story lines with tactile components and/or sound are great for baby to learn to imitate and recognize items as part of their learning experience.

Toys for Infants 9-12 Months

If your baby isn’t on the move already, they will be shortly. This is the age where infants want to go and explore. Push toys such as walkers that play music are a great choice for an infant who is practicing walking skills. Make sure all push toys are heavily weighted so your little one can enjoy a safe playing experience. Blocks and shape sorters are also good choices for babies this age.

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