New Mom Survival Tips #7 | 5 Tips for Bonding with Your Baby

baby outfitNow that your baby has arrived, you are probably overwhelmed with all of your new “mommy” responsibilities. Feeding your tiny newborn is practically a full-time job, and you can’t even count how many times you stop to change a diaper each day. However, it’s essential that you take time out of each day to truly bond with your baby. The following tips will help you easily establish a special bond between you and your child.

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New Mom Survival Tips #5: Toys

Toys are not only a great way to occupy your baby, but these creative play things also help your baby learn important developmental skills. Choosing age-appropriate toys for your child is essential, according to Toys that are designed for your infant’s specific age level and developmental level will help them grow by leaps and bounds.

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New Mom Survival Tips Edition #3: Maternity Leave

It’s nearing the end of your pregnancy and motherhood is in clear view. Relish in the last few weeks and prepare for the arrival of your new baby. According to the Maternal and Child Health Bureau, 70.6 percent of women take maternity leave with the average length of leave being 10.3 weeks. Here are some tips that can help you plan your leave and eventually transition back to work. Continue reading

New Mom Survival Tips Edition #2: Bed Time

baby romperSleep is invaluable for children who are growing at a rapid pace, and even more so for exhausted mommies and daddies of babies who still wake several times a night. Establishing a consistent sleep routine for young children can be highly beneficial for both you and your baby. Here are some helpful tips to incorporate into a satisfying bedtime routine for everyone in the family.

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