Tips on Purchasing Baby and Toddler Jewelry for Your Little Girl

Baby jewelry is not just for the rich and famous anymore and now that your little princess has arrived, it’s quite affordable to adorn her as the little royal she is!

baby jewelryToday, there are many choices for your little one but always keep in mind two things when making your jewelry purchases for children: The first is safety and the second is the “keepsake factor” – will she come to love and treasure this gift from you and perhaps pass it down to her own children in the future.

Let’s address safety first. Finding that adorable little accessory to go with your newborn’s or baby’s outfit is easy but please keep these things in mind before you make your purchase:

  1. baby bracelet jewelryEarrings – Don’t rush into getting your little girls ears pierced until she’s about 3-6 months old at the earliest. Little earlobes can get infected so it’s best to wait until she’s a little more used to the outside world and is strong enough to fight infection. After her ears are pierced, use a topical antibiotic as a precaution. Now you can have fun selecting small studs for her. Try to find earrings with screw on backs so that the earring stays securely fastened. Baroni 24K Gold Vermeil Peridot Birthstone NecklaceAvoid hoops and huggies until she’s a little older as her tiny fingers can get caught or they can snag onto a blanket or garment causing injury to her ear.
  2. Necklaces – Just make sure that necklaces are not too long or too tight around her neck. Wait until she’s a few years old before you purchase necklaces with charms, as they can become a choking hazard. And, always, no matter what age, remove the necklace when she goes to bed.
  3. baby braceletsRings – Those little fingers find their way into those precious mouths, so best to wait until she’s older. Wet fingers can loosen the ring and can also soon become a choking hazard. Best to err on the side of caution and wait.
  4. Baby Bracelets – Bracelets are the most popular gifts for newborns as baby bracelets come in so many styles and materials. Freshwater pearls and sterling silver charms and findings are the safest and most popular. Sterling silver does not contain lead, so it’s extremely safe for babies.

Purchasing that right piece of keepsake jewelry that she’ll treasure all her life is also a great gift idea for her Christening, Baby Naming, birthday or just because she’s your little angel.

At Baby Bling Street we feature a nice selection of sterling silver and fresh water pearl bracelets with crosses or Star of David. All are affordably priced and feature one-inch extenders.

Birthstones are also a very popular gift and we feature a collection of most popular stones such as January’s garnet, February’s amethyst, June’s pearl, August’s peridot and more. Our collection of birthstone necklaces are on sale for 50% off!

And what could be more of a keepsake than baby’s first pearls. Whether a pearl bracelet, pair of earrings, or necklace, she’ll adore them forever.

Whatever you choose, remember to keep an eye on your child when she’s wearing jewelry as a baby, stay away from metals and go with pure .925 sterling silver or 14K gold, some crystals contain lead and should not be worn by children under 10 years old. All of our crystals are lead-free in the jewelry we present.

Until your little princess starts asking for diamonds, which will be soon enough… we’re sure you’ll find something equally beautiful to get her started at a more affordable price point at Baby Bling Street.