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About Us - Baby Bling Street

Welcome to Baby Bling Street,

For 15 years, I designed, developed and imported fashion accessories and other merchandise from far away places to be sold in large retail stores in the US. But then, in the fall of 2008, the economy changed for many people, including me.

Prior to '08 many people still didn't think much about where their clothes came from and what our children wore. Most parents were unaware of the chemicals that were in the toys that their babies put into their mouths. But overnight, a shift in our social consciousness began to unfold rapidly that would change our lives forever.

From that "aha" moment of realization, plus the fact that my best friend just became a grandmother to a precious little girl named Gracie, (who was well on her way to becoming adorned and heralded as royalty), I became passionate about finding unique, fashionable, high-quality, baby safe and eco-chic gifts for infants and toddlers that were Made in the USA and not overseas.

Starting out slowly by recognizing a niche in the children's fine jewelry market, (I had been searching unsuccessfully for Princess Gracie's first pair of earrings made in the USA), I launched my American made Babs Tilly Children's Fine Jewelry collection via home parties and other events in early 2009. Mothers came to trust the Babs Tilly brand for their children and loved the fact each fashionable piece was made in the USA. But, they wanted more…

In order to showcase, for my friends and customers, all the new items I found that were made in America, Baby Bling Street was born. Baby Bling Street is a new, happy company that partners and supports other small American businesses, many owned by some very incredible, entrepreneurial women who started out by making their products for their own children. You will find only high quality merchandise for babies, infants and toddlers from some popular brands, as well as some new and exciting up and comers.

We're extremely proud that more than 90% of our products are made in America. However, we do feature a small selection of very special items that are made in other countries, such as Peru. We work with fair trade and fair wage suppliers in these countries, in order to help the women artisans improve their standard of living at home and in their villages.

When you shop at Baby Bling Street, I hope that you will fall in love with the many fine products as I have. Let me know if I can help you in your search for a special American-made gift for that special little someone. Baby Bling Street prides itself in prompt customer service and I welcome your comments and suggestions to improve your shopping experience.

While bling may be the thing, my true goal is to make a baby's world a better place, while giving you peace of mind. Children are our future and they will inherit the world in which we live – let it be good, let it be fun. Let them be safe.

Have a good time shopping!
Barbara "Babs" Tilly Bontempo