How Should I Dress My Baby for Air Travel?

Flying with a baby? It can be stressful, but the more you prepare, the better your chances of a peaceful (quiet) flight. One of the questions we are often asked is what are appropriate baby travel clothes? When your child is comfortable and snuggly, they are less likely to fuss – or scream for five hours!

Here are five tips to help you figure out how to dress your baby for air travel:

  1. Prioritize Comfort and Practicality – Which would you rather travel in – an uncomfortable suit or your yoga pants and a sweatshirt? We thought so! The best baby travel clothes are comfy and simple. Avoid tight-fitting items. A onesie and a romper, for example, are a great combo in warm weather. For cooler temperatures, add a pair of tights or soft pants, a sweater, and you’re good to fly. 
  2. Layer, Layer, Layer – Layers are terrific because you can add or subtract as needed. Items with button closures are also a must as they allow you easy access to change diapers.
  3. Breathe… – It’s good advice for preparing to fly with a baby! And it’s excellent advice when it comes to their clothing. Avoid materials that trap sweat or moisture; this will make your child feel uncomfortable, and then the fussing begins! A cool cotton gown is a wonderful choice, and again, bring layers.
  4. Don’t Forget Those Add-Ons – You can’t control the temperature on the plane, in the airport, or in your shuttle, taxi, or Uber. We mentioned layers. Do it! Also bring socks, a weather-appropriate hat, a sweater, and shoes that are easy to slip on and off. If your baby soothes with a pacifier, clip it on to their clothing with a strap, and stow an extra one in your diaper bag, just in case.
  5. Spills? No Problem! – What else is carry-on for but an extra set of clothes for your baby? In case of spills or accidents, it’s good to have backup.

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