Finding the Right Baby Clothes Sizes. Are Your Baby’s Clothes Are Too Small?

It is a joy to watch babies grow and discover the world around them. And grow they do! Your little one gets bigger everyday and outgrows their clothes quickly. Can you get one more wear out of that favorite outfit? Judging sizes can be difficult. How should baby clothes fit? Here’s a brief guide to finding the right size baby clothes and when their clothes may be getting too small.

Baby Clothes Sizes Explained

For the most part, baby clothes sizes fall into roughly three groups; Infants, Babies, and Toddlers. These groups are determined by the baby’s age. A baby is considered an infant when they are between 0-6 months, bigger babies are considered between 6 to 12 month and Toddlers are 12 months and up.

When shopping for clothes for a baby, you will often find that the clothing sizes refer more to the baby’s age in months rather than a “size”. Which sometimes can be very confusing.

How do Sizes Really Work?

According to, baby clothing sizes are largely based on their weight and length. Typically, new parents know the baby’s length right after birth, but it is not realistic to continually measure your baby every time you or a friend decide to go clothes shopping for your baby.

Another great way to figure out your baby clothes sizes is to use their age as the determining factor. This method is much less accurate as a baby can grow at different rates then what is projected for their sizes.

Below is a sizing chart that consists of a few typical baby clothes sizes by weight.

Newborns7lbs / 3.175kg19in / 48.26cm
0-3 Months7-12lbs / 3.17- 5.44kg 19-23in / 48.26-58.43cm
3-6 months12-16lbs / 5.44-7.26kg23-27in / 53.43-68.58cm
6-9 months16-20lbs / 7.26-9.07kg25-27in / 63.5-68.58cm
6-12 Months17-22lbs / 7.71-9.98kg27-29in / 68.58-73.66cm
12-18 months22-27lbs / 9.98-12.25kg29-32in / 73.66-81.28cm
24 Months / 2T28-32lbs / 12.7-14.5kg32-34in / 81.3-86.4cm
3T32-35lbs / 14.5-15.9kg34-38in / 86.4-96.5cm
4T35-39lbs /15.9-17.7kg38-40in / 96.5-101.6cm

Hand-Me-Down Time? How to Tell If Baby Clothes Are Too Small

When baby clothes are too small, it can cause rashes, irritation, and even digestive issues. All of this leads to a fussy, unhappy child. Which means tired, unhappy parents! Your baby’s clothes are too small if:

  • The leg snaps pop open 
  • You take off your baby’s pants, and there is a line where the elastic or buttons irritated the skin
  • Shirts roll up over the belly
  • When you push the sleeves up, it cuts off their circulation 
  • Your baby cries when you put these clothes on (of course this is not definitive – but if it’s consistent, then maybe look at the sizing)

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it’s time to pack away those precious outfits! Put them to good use: donate them, consign them, give them to friends or family members who are expecting, or save them if you plan on adding to your family.

Finding the Right Size For Your Baby

How do baby clothes sizes work

If you find that buying baby clothes that are exactly the current age and weight of your baby, chances are you baby will outgrow them every week. Newborns, especially in their first few weeks of life, grow exceptionally fast.

With that in mind, it is commonly recommended to by a size or two bigger than the actual baby’s size. During these early stages of life, it’s recommended to have a few extra Onesies and sleepers across different sizes.

It is also recommended during this stage; you should have 10-15 Onesies and 5-6 sleepers on hand in each size. Overall, there is no absolute method of buying clothes for a baby. The rule of thumb continues to be to use the baby’s weight as a way of determining the sizes and buy a lot of sizes

Whenever you need to change up your baby’s wardrobe, whether to add new sizes or new styles, visit Baby Bling Street. Shop our online baby boutique for some of the best high-end baby clothes brands and find your new favorite pieces.

Our clothing sets the bar when it comes to how should baby clothes fit. And our clothes are as comfortable and well-made as they are adorable!

How Should I Dress My Baby in Cold Weather?

Winter’s coming, people. Start hibernating, and do not let that baby outside until April, at the earliest. Anyone else guilty of taking cold weather to the extreme when it comes to their child? It’s understandable: we equate warmth and coziness with happy little ones. But the truth is, they are just fine outside – as long as they are dressed in appropriate winter baby clothes

How to Dress a Baby In Winter: Remember Goldilocks

Obviously, it’s not safe if your baby is too cold. But overcompensating with layer upon layer can be dangerous as well: if they’re hot, they’ll sweat. And when sweat cools, they’ll be colder than before. You need to hit the Goldilocks spot: not too cool, not too warm. Just right! Here’s how to dress a baby in winter and do it right:

  • +1. Generally, it’s a good idea to dress baby just as you are dressed – and then add a layer. If you’re wearing a winter coat, take your child out in a snowsuit, bunting, or a few blankets. A stroll around town will be perfectly safe.
  • Layers are your friend. This is good advice for kids, grownups… everyone! Dress your baby in a onesie and then add a one-piece with feet or pants and a long-sleeved top with socks under booties. As mentioned, if you’re wearing an outer layer, bring one of your baby too and/or a few extra blankets. Add or subtract as necessary.
  • On the go. When in their car seat on very cold days, dress baby in a long-sleeved, one-piece fleece outfit. If necessary, add a sweater. Check to make sure your little one is not too warm; if so, take off the sweater. Make sure you have a few blankets for the transition to and from the car. Do not use car seats or strollers with attached sleeping bags or covers.
  • Sleeping peacefully. Because of the risk of unintentional smothering, blankets in the sleeping area are not recommended. Overheated babies are also at greater risk for SIDS. It is best to dress baby in a one-piece footed sleeper. If it is especially cold, try a safe swaddling blanket or sleep sack – but again, check your baby to see if she is too warm.

Don’t let colder temperatures keep you down!  A little fresh air and sun may be just what you both need. Browse our selection of winter baby clothes, and go outside with confidence!

Clothing Essentials for Newborns

Once you start shopping for your baby and setting up your shower registry, you’ll quickly come to understand how easy it is to get carried away. After all, there are so many adorable baby clothes out there it can be difficult to limit yourself to buying only a few! When it comes straight down to it though, it’s important to understand what the clothing essentials for newborns truly are. By narrowing down your newborn clothes checklist, you’ll have a much easier time with that baby registry.

To begin with, you’ll want to have one take me home outfit. Your take me home outfit should be something that the baby is comfortable in and something that you have an easy time getting on your newborn. It doesn’t hurt if the outfit is also photo-worthy!

We recommend the Lemon Loves Layette Julia gown for warmer weather. It comes in six, sweet colors. The Jenna gown, is the same as Julia, but with long sleeves and comes in seven colors.

Both these newborn gowns come in sizes 0-3 months. The each have ruffles across the bodice and gather at the hem to keep those tiny toes warm and cozy.

Lemon Loves Layette Julia Gown in Rose Shadow Pink
Lemon Loves Layette Jenna Gown in Blue Tint, Bijou Hat and Blue Tint Wrap

Onesies and rompers are staples. On the average day, you instantly go to one (or both!) of these essentials, as not only are they adorable, they are extremely versatile as well. We recommend having at least 7 onesies or rompers on your baby registry. The Lemon Loves Layette Olivia Romper is available in 8 colors. We especially love onesie combinations, usually in sets of three. They’re a good value and, after all, you can’t have too many onesies. The Little Me 3 Pack Monkey Star Onesie Set is a great example to have on hand for your newborn and baby boy. The set costs $16.00 for all three or $5.33 each. A great buy.

baby romper
Lemon Loves Layette Olivia Romper in Rose Shadow Pink
Little Me 3 Pack Monkey Star Onesie Set for Baby Boys

Leggings, tights, and socks are the next staple you should put on your newborn clothes checklist. Not only are leggings comfortable for your baby, they are made in a variety of styles and colors. This makes it easy to match the leggings with whatever top or onesie you decide to put your baby in that day. It’s a good idea to request three to five pairs of leggings or tights on your registry. And don’t forget socks! Little ones get cold feet, so you can never have enough socks!

May we suggest Ruffle Butts footless tights. They come in a variety of colors and sizes from newborns to toddlers. And, they match the Ruffle Butts fashions so you can have your baby girl fashionably attired from head to toe. Huggalugs, also have whimsical footless tights that match sweaters and hats. And, to really keep those toes warm and cozy, Elegant Baby’s socks and shoes for baby’s 0-6 mos are simply precious.

Ruffle Butts Pink Footless Tights with Ruffles for newborns to Toddlers
Elegant Baby Pink Princess Kitty Crocheted Shoes for Baby Girls

If you plan on having your newborn’s photo taken by a professional photographer, it’s a great idea to check out some of the more fancy newborn gowns you can find, as they photograph beautifully! There are several brands that do an exceptional job creating embellished, yet elegant new born gowns. Cuddle Couture gowns feature vintage lace overlays with satin bows. These are great Take Me Home gowns as well as they have coordinating blankets and headbands as well.

Cuddle Couture Pink and Lace Skylar Newborn Gown with Ivory Satin Bow

Babies, especially newborns, love to be held close. It comforts and soothes them. Having one or two swaddle wraps, like the Le Top BeBe “Little Lamb” Muslin Swaddle, is a smart idea.

When winter time comes, you’re going to want to have some nice, warm outfits and snowsuits ready for your little one. Having one winter coat and two sweaters should do the trick. Make sure that you don’t forget to get two pairs of booties as well, so you can keep their little feet warm!

Summer babies often need a little less clothing than winter babies, but they still have some definite requirements. For example, a sun hat will help to protect your little one’s eyes and head from the harsh rays of the sun, while a lightweight blanket is ideal for putting on your baby for a car ride or a trip to the beach.

Make sure these versatile clothing essentials for newborns are on your baby shower wish list!

Baby’s First 4th of July! What to Wear?

Every “Baby’s First” holiday is a fun marker in your new baby’s life. It is the first time you can introduce your newborn to family traditions that will continue for the rest of their life. Of course, many pictures will be taken, so why not have a memorable 4th of July outfit for your baby to spend their first Independence Day this year? We have just the outfits that that your baby can wear!

But who wants an outfit their baby will only wear once? One of the brands we are featuring is Ruffle Butts that sells baby fashions that are not only perfect for your baby’s first Fourth of July, but can be worn for many other occasions as well. The pieces we have put together here can mixed-and-matched to fit any occasion you want. Plus, the onesies and leggings give you plenty of options to keep your little one cool when they’re outside, then warmer in the air conditioned indoors during the summer.

All of the brand’s items are made from quality fabrics and are super soft on your baby’s skin. They even come in unisex sizing and styles so every little star can have the perfect outfit for their personality.

On Sale - Your Choice $9.99
Your choice $9.99! Ruffle Butts red, white and blue diaper covers.

So Many Adorable Outfits to Celebrate Independance Day!

Your newborn or infant will look adorable in this bright outfit we’ve put together! Dress your little darling in these Huggalugs Leg Warmers and Cotton Hat for some fun in the sun! Nothing says 4th of July more than the Stars & Stripes of our flag! These are great unisex accessories, too! Protect their legs from the harsh sun while keeping your baby cool and comfy. And, of course the matching hat, which is 100% cotton will protect their skin as well. The perfect outfit that’s playful and fun from top to bottom!

Huggalugs Stars & Stripes on sale $7.99
Huggalugs Stars & Stripes leg huggers and matching cap for baby girls and boys

Sweet and Adorable Lemon Loves Layette Rompers for the 4th. On sale for $19.99, too!

One of our favorite and best brand is Lemon Loves Layette. Mom’s just love the soft, 100% Peruvian cotton against baby’s tender skin. So many newborn and infant fashions to choose from for newborns to infants, girls and boys. Below are two of our favorites for the 4th of July holiday. The Bow Love bubble romper for baby girls and the Batter Up romper for boys. Just great for twins, too. Add a matching hair accessory like the True Red Lily Pad Headband shown below. Comes in so many beautiful colors.

Lemon Loves Layette Bow Love Romper for Baby Girls
Batter Up!

And, more from Lemon Loves Layette that’s perfect for your baby girl are the Ava Rompers and Mia and Jane Dresses. Both feature short sleeves and an abundance of ruffles! So precious. But, more important, the 100% Peruvian cotton is cool, and soft against baby’s skin that will keep her comfy all day long.

Ava Romper on Sale!

Ruffle Butts and Rugged Butts

Summer would just not be the same without a touch of seersucker in your baby girl’s or baby boy’s wardrobe. This traditional fabric is 100% cotton and no one does it better than Ruffle Butts and Rugged Butts! Click the link to see all the seersucker rompers, bubbles, onesies, etc. We also love how Ruffle Butts pairs patterns with seersucker, too. We especially love the Ruffle Butts 2 pc Swing Top and Diaper Cover for baby girls in classic seersucker blue and white which is 40% off! And matching baby brother Rugged Butts Blue Seersucker Bloomer is also on sale!

Ruffle Butts 2 pc. Swing Top and Diaper Cover in Seersucker Blue
Rugged Butts Seersucker Blue Bloomers for Baby Boys

There’s nothing that celebrates the 4th of July more than a sparkler in hand and wearing the colors of our flag! (Of course sparklers should be supervised!). Dress your little firecracker in a red, white or blue outfit to celebrate the day. You can see the collection here in our 4th of July Boutique. So many items are marked down 50% or more.

We love all of these outfits because they are so versatile! Every piece can be reused for everyday use or a special occasion in a different season! Mix and match to make the perfect outfit for any occasion. All clothing is durable and machine washable to make cleaning up easy for moms! We believe in not sacrificing comfort for cuteness and these items are sure to look stunning while keeping your baby comfortable with a soft feel. No matter which look your little star wears, in these outfits, they are sure to steal everyone’s hearts this Fourth of July!

What Are the Best High-End Baby Clothes Brands?

It can be difficult to find adorable baby clothing that doesn’t look identical to the clothing every other baby you know wears! The desire to find unique options can lead you looking online for hours, which can take time away from enjoying your little one! Here we’re going to give you the inside scoop on the best high-end baby clothes brands on the market – and we can almost promise your neighbors’ twin girls won’t be wearing.

Best Baby Clothes Brands | High-End Baby Clothes Brands | Baby Bling Street Baby Fashion Boutique

Lemon Loves Layette

Lemon Loves Layette is perfect when you’re looking for high-end baby clothes brands for infants. They create absolutely beautiful, comfortable layette and infant clothing. They’re ideal for newborn photos and make fabulous baby shower gifts as well.

Lemon Loves Layette | Baby Bling Street Baby Fashion Boutique

Haute Baby

Looking for something chic? Haute Baby is the place to go. This clothing brand is known for its newborn gowns and rompers, dresses, leggings and more. They use high-quality fabrics and everything is sewn in the United States.

Haute Baby | Best Baby Clothes Brands | Baby Bling Street Baby Fashion Boutique

Katie Rose

This high-end baby clothes brand makes their home base in Westchester, New York. You’ll find designer dresses, gowns and all sorts of accessories that they only sell to exclusive baby boutiques. You can even contact the company (or have your online baby boutique contact them for you) in order to see what type of tailored designs you can purchase from them.

Katie Rose | Baby Bling Street Baby Fashion Boutique

Le’ Za Me

Le’ Za Me was created by two New Orleans moms who were looking to create classic, hand-smocked designs that mixed with a modern edge. Combining classic lines with newer fabrics and designs makes for adorable, unique clothing you can’t find from anyone else – thus Le’ Za Me is one of the best baby clothes brands for originality!

Le Za Me | Baby Bling Street Baby Fashion Boutique

Cuddle Couture

Looking for the perfect, soft, adorable baby blanket? Cuddle Couture is the place to go. Cuddle Couture makes some of the most luxurious blankets you can find on the market today. Not only do they make baby blankets, you can even get adult blankets from the company as well!

Cuddle Couture | High-End Baby Clothes Brands | Baby Bling Street Baby Fashion Boutique

You cannot go wrong with these high-end baby clothes brands. Cute. Couture. Quality!

How Should I Dress My Baby for Air Travel?

Flying with a baby? It can be stressful, but the more you prepare, the better your chances of a peaceful (quiet) flight. One of the questions we are often asked is what are appropriate baby travel clothes? When your child is comfortable and snuggly, they are less likely to fuss – or scream for five hours!

Here are five tips to help you figure out how to dress your baby for air travel:

  1. Prioritize Comfort and Practicality – Which would you rather travel in – an uncomfortable suit or your yoga pants and a sweatshirt? We thought so! The best baby travel clothes are comfy and simple. Avoid tight-fitting items. A onesie and a romper, for example, are a great combo in warm weather. For cooler temperatures, add a pair of tights or soft pants, a sweater, and you’re good to fly. 
  2. Layer, Layer, Layer – Layers are terrific because you can add or subtract as needed. Items with button closures are also a must as they allow you easy access to change diapers.
  3. Breathe… – It’s good advice for preparing to fly with a baby! And it’s excellent advice when it comes to their clothing. Avoid materials that trap sweat or moisture; this will make your child feel uncomfortable, and then the fussing begins! A cool cotton gown is a wonderful choice, and again, bring layers.
  4. Don’t Forget Those Add-Ons – You can’t control the temperature on the plane, in the airport, or in your shuttle, taxi, or Uber. We mentioned layers. Do it! Also bring socks, a weather-appropriate hat, a sweater, and shoes that are easy to slip on and off. If your baby soothes with a pacifier, clip it on to their clothing with a strap, and stow an extra one in your diaper bag, just in case.
  5. Spills? No Problem! – What else is carry-on for but an extra set of clothes for your baby? In case of spills or accidents, it’s good to have backup.

If you’re planning a trip, make a stop online at Baby Bling Street first. We have a gorgeous selection of baby travel clothes waiting for you!

What Size Baby Clothes to Buy for a Gift?

When someone you know is expecting, it’s hard not to “ooh” and “aw” over all the wonderful items that will help parents prepare for the little one’s arrival. You can be both practical and adorable, and it’s all fun! But it can be stressful figuring out what size baby clothes to buy for a gift. Relax. We’ve got you (and baby!) covered.

A Quick Guide to Baby Clothing Sizes

They all look tiny! But 0-3 months is a lot different than 3-6 months. To gift baby shirts, tops, tees, shorts, pants, dresses and more in sizes that will be most helpful:

  • Size Up: Babies grow like weeds (beautiful, precious weeds!). Many 6-month-old babies, for example, can wear sizes 9-12 months. It never hurts to give a bigger size. Even if baby is smaller or “average” in terms of height and weight, it is great to have clothing for the next stage of growth.
  • Think of the Season: Baby is born in summer… she’ll have a ton of cute onesies and rompers for the first three months. But what happens when the temperatures get cooler? Plan ahead. If she’ll be six months old in winter, buy winter gear she can fit into when the weather outside is frightful. 
  • Don’t Be Afraid of Hand-Me-Downs: You may not consider it a “gift” – but parents do! If you have gently worn clothes from your baby, or you scored some excellent deals from a consignment shop, wash them in baby-friendly detergent and drop them off. Add a disclaimer to help out parents of a new baby: “I’ll take everything you don’t want and donate it.” Chances are, though, your items will be appreciated – and worn again and again! (And, hopefully, passed on to other lucky babies!)
  • Mix In Some Designer Duds: You can maximize your gift budget by buying some simple wardrobe basics and adding a few great couture pieces. Take this gorgeous Haute Baby “Cranberry Rose” Newborn Girls Take-Me-Home Gown, for instance:
What size baby clothes to buy for a gift | Baby clothing sizes | Baby Bling Street
What a showstopper! Whether for the going-home outfit or a newborn photo shoot, this gown is destined to be a prize piece.

In Conclusion: What Size Baby Clothes to Buy for a Gift

When it comes to baby clothing sizes, it’s generally recommended to buy a few months – several months – in advance to give parents a variety of clothing options as their baby grows.

At Baby Bling Street, we have a wide selection of baby dresses, onesies, rompers, footies, and other adorable clothes available in a variety of sizes. Browse our online shop, ooh, aw, and dress that little one to the nines!

What Are the Best Clothes for Newborns?

Getting ready for a new baby is undoubtedly exciting, but it can also be a bit stressful. You may find yourself constantly going through lists, trying to ensure that you have everything you need to make your baby’s first few months comfortable and enjoyable for everybody. Clothing is of the utmost importance. Do you have enough? What are the best clothes for newborns? How many baby outfits and items do you really need?

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to finding the best newborn clothes is that you will want to find items that are not only adorable, but also hold up to the many washings they will go through. Babies are cute, but they are also messy!

When your child is a newborn, you’ll find that they grow very quickly. Too quickly, it seems! This is why it’s important to have a good array of 0-3 month clothing. Onesies are especially necessary, as they’re not only great to wear on their own, they’re perfect to put underneath outfits to keep your little one warm during the cooler months.

The Little Me “Monkey Star” 3 Pack Onesies (shown above) and the Little Me “Baby Leopard” 3 Pack Onesies are perfect examples of some staples you should have. The Lemon Loves Layette “Madison” Onesie is ideal if you’re looking for a onesie that can stand on its own as a shirt.

Kimono sets are also ideal when you’re looking for the best clothes for newborns, because they’re comfortable and are very easy to put on your little munchkin. The Baby Steps Lola “Take Me Home” Set and the Baby Steps “William” Set are great examples of gorgeous cotton kimono sets.

Leggings are another must-have. Again, they’re exceptionally comfortable and versatile. Our Blade & Rose “Star” Leggings and our Ruffle Butts Blue Faux Denim Leggings show just how stylish and comfy leggings can be for your newborn.

If leggings are too much for the summer heat, try bloomers! The Rugged Butts Summer Seersucker Bloomer is great for boys, while the Lemon Loves Layette “Bonnie Bloomers” are the perfect fit for any adorable baby girl outfit.

Every good outfit needs the perfect accessory and, when it comes to babies, hats are the way to go! Prepare to hear a lot of “awwws” when your baby boy styles the Rugged Butts Crocheted Hat with Ears, or you can go simpler with our ILYBean Blue Nursery Hat. For girls, there’s nothing like taking home your newborn with the Bari Lynn “Chloe” White Hat or the ILYBean “Iris” Pink Striped Hat

Of course, you’ll also need some adorable socks. The Blade & Rose “Star” and the Bunnies by the Bay “Bunnies Do Delight” Socks are perfect for keeping your little one’s feet warm and cozy.

Shop Baby Bling Street for the best newborn clothes – with unbelievable variety and value, your little bundle of joy will always be on point!

Why Pima Cotton Baby Clothes Are So Popular

There’s just something about a new baby that is irresistible to so many. You want to pick them up, hug them, smell their hair, and feel their soft hands. There’s just one slight problem with this picture: the clothing the baby is wearing. Quite often those adorable outfits that we can’t wait to put our children in look great, but do not feel anywhere near soft enough for your child. When you start looking for wardrobe items, make sure you check out Pima cotton baby clothes.

Pima cotton is a hypoallergenic fabric that is grown and harvested in Peru. It is becoming much more popular than traditional cotton, not only because of its extremely soft texture, but also because it is durable and very resistant to pilling. Pima cotton is silky soft with all the qualities we love about cotton, especially durability. This makes it perfect for a newborn’s sensitive skin. Not only do you get soft baby clothes with Pima cotton, you also get a piece of clothing that can be passed on to the next little one in your life.

Pima cotton is what is known as extra long staple (ELS) cotton. This means that the cotton fibers are at least 3/8 of an inch longer than traditional cotton. This makes it one of the longest cotton strands in the world. It is environmentally friendly and does not hold a stain the way a traditional cotton does. Our Lemon Loves Layette brand baby clothes are made from Pima cotton and are so soft that you simply have to touch them to believe it!

Can’t Find Family Pajamas with Baby Sizes?

Is there anything more precious during the holidays than the photos that result from this festive season? One trend that is always popular is taking Christmas photos with the entire family wearing matching pajamas. More and more retailers are offering cute sets to make these Christmas photo dreams possible. When you have a little one, however, finding a set of family pajamas with baby sizes can be extremely difficult. 

The great news is that, when it comes to these photos, your baby is really the star of the show, so it is perfectly acceptable to purchase your little one an outfit that complements the rest of the family’s pajamas without being a perfect match.

It’s a smart idea to look for baby Christmas rompers when you’re planning your family pajama portrait. Not only are rompers much more comfortable for little ones to wear for longer periods of time, rompers are also absolutely adorable. 

Take the Lemon Loves Layette “Rocking Horse” Unisex Romper pictured above. This bright red romper features a cute rocking horse on the front of it, while the Lemon Loves Layette “Guardian Angel” Romper is the perfect option for families looking for baby Christmas rompers to accommodate a more neutral color scheme.

One set of rompers that is truly diverse are the Lemon Loves Layette “Olivia” Rompers. That’s because not only does this style come in a brilliant white (see below), you can also purchase it in beige or red. The simple yet gorgeous design allows you to easily match the rest of your family’s pajamas.

The Lemon Loves Layette “Peony” Romper is also a great choice, as you can get it in eggnog or true red.

These simple yet elegantly designed baby Christmas rompers are the perfect things to pair with any pajama sets. Instead of struggling to find matching family pajamas with baby sizes, just pick up the color scheme of the rest of the family’s outfits and coordinate!