Can’t Find Family Pajamas with Baby Sizes?

Is there anything more precious during the holidays than the photos that result from this festive season? One trend that is always popular is taking Christmas photos with the entire family wearing matching pajamas. More and more retailers are offering cute sets to make these Christmas photo dreams possible. When you have a little one, however, finding a set of family pajamas with baby sizes can be extremely difficult. 

The great news is that, when it comes to these photos, your baby is really the star of the show, so it is perfectly acceptable to purchase your little one an outfit that complements the rest of the family’s pajamas without being a perfect match.

It’s a smart idea to look for baby Christmas rompers when you’re planning your family pajama portrait. Not only are rompers much more comfortable for little ones to wear for longer periods of time, rompers are also absolutely adorable. 

Take the Lemon Loves Layette “Rocking Horse” Unisex Romper pictured above. This bright red romper features a cute rocking horse on the front of it, while the Lemon Loves Layette “Guardian Angel” Romper is the perfect option for families looking for baby Christmas rompers to accommodate a more neutral color scheme.

One set of rompers that is truly diverse are the Lemon Loves Layette “Olivia” Rompers. That’s because not only does this style come in a brilliant white (see below), you can also purchase it in beige or red. The simple yet gorgeous design allows you to easily match the rest of your family’s pajamas.

The Lemon Loves Layette “Peony” Romper is also a great choice, as you can get it in eggnog or true red.

These simple yet elegantly designed baby Christmas rompers are the perfect things to pair with any pajama sets. Instead of struggling to find matching family pajamas with baby sizes, just pick up the color scheme of the rest of the family’s outfits and coordinate!

What to Wear for Family Holiday Photos

Finding the right baby holiday outfits for your family photos can cause a huge amount of stress. It can be so hard to make sure that you, and your family, coordinate and complement each other so you’ll have photos you’ll treasure for decades. Relax! We’re here to help. 

Here are a few tips when it comes to coordinating outfits for family pictures:

1. Complement Without Matching 

First, make sure that you complement each other – without matching. There’s nothing worse than a family photo where every family member is wearing blue jeans and white shirts. Try, instead, choosing complementing colors and patterns. For example, when you’re looking for adorable baby holiday outfits you’ll likely want to be a little more formal so the Little Me Aiden Set and/or the Little Me Rosie Set would work beautifully! The black, red and white colors are easy to pick up in the rest of the family’s outfits.

Baby Holiday Outfits | Coordinating Outfits for Family Pictures | Baby Bling Street Baby Fashion Boutique

2. Check the Weather

Next, it’s important to keep the weather into consideration when you’re choosing your outfits. Looking for coordinating outfits for family pictures in the fall? You’ll want something warm and autumnal! The Ruffle Butts Navy Buffalo Plaid Diaper Cover would be absolutely adorable, as would the Navy and Green Buffalo Plaid Onesie. Then just add some shirts that are blue (or a dress for mom) for the rest of the fam and you’ll be perfectly paired! 

Baby Holiday Outfits | Baby Bling Street Baby Fashion Boutique | Coordinating Outfits for Family Pictures

3. Choose a Color Palette That Suits You

If blue isn’t your color, and red looks better, try the Rugged Butts Red Plaid Cotton Button-Up Bodysuit and/or the Red, Black and White Bloomer. These are great options for families with little boys – though little girls certainly can rock similar fashions by Ruffle Butts!

4. Order in Advance

Make sure you order any new clothing well in advance of your shoot, so that you can ensure that everything fits and looks great. It’s important also to make sure that your children are comfortable in what they wear. If they’re uncomfortable, they will be much less likely to cooperate during the photo shoot.

The best family photos capture your love and joy: coordinating outfits for family pictures set the scene for a wonderful shoot! Shop Baby Bling Street online now for baby holiday outfits perfect for your family pictures.