Where to Buy Trendy Baby Clothes Online

Even before your new bundle of joy has arrived, you may find yourself scouring baby boutiques online looking for trendy baby clothes. It seems like now, more than ever, little custom baby clothing boutiques are popping up online and – while some of them are amazing and can provide you with high-quality, adorable clothes, others you should be wary of. So how do you know where to buy trendy baby clothes online, and what other tips can help during your online buying binge?

Trendy Baby Clothes | Baby Boutiques Online | Baby Bling Street Baby Fashion Boutique

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First, make sure that you do your research on all the new baby boutiques online you’re considering buying from. Social media has made it easier to find out if any online company you’re thinking of buying from has a reputable history. If you see a large number of bad or controversial reviews, you may want to shy away from buying from that business. 

While trendy baby clothes are absolutely adorable, it’s important to ensure that you don’t spend more than you should. When your child is a newborn, he or she will be growing so quickly that you may only get one or two wearings out of any particular outfit. 

Be wary, also, of paying tons of money for special occasion outfits. If you’re bringing your child to a wedding, or some other sort of special occasion, don’t spend a huge amount as your child will only get to wear that outfit one day. It’s a better idea, instead, to choose to spend more money on adorable baby clothes that they can wear daily. 

There are tons of adorable, trendy baby clothes that you can purchase from baby boutiques online; just make sure that you do your research and think clearly before purchasing any new baby clothing.

Start your search for trendy baby clothes online with Baby Bling Street – your future fashionista will be most couture baby on the block!

8 Beautiful Christmas Dresses for Toddlers and Baby Girls

The holidays offer many of us a chance to spend time with family and friends. We share special moments and meals with our loved ones and, often, holidays are the only time of the year when everyone is together and catching up. If the star of your holiday celebration or pageant is your child, you’ll want to find beautiful Christmas dresses for toddlers or babies so she shines! We’ve scoped out a few of the most charming:

  1. Lemon Loves Layette Candy Cane Twirl Dress and Bloomer Set: If anything is sweeter than a candy cane, it’s this adorable little dress. With some serious ruffles and flair, this set one of the few baby girl Christmas dresses that is pure holiday magic.
    Beautiful Christmas Dresses for Toddlers | Baby Girl Christmas Dress | Baby Bling Street Baby Fashion Boutique
  2. Lemon Loves Layette Jada Dress in True Red: This dress is made of 100% cotton, making it not only adorable but also comfortable enough for your little one to wear all day long. It comes in a creamy Eggnog color as well.
    Baby Girl Christmas Dress in True Red | Baby Bling Street Baby Fashion Boutique
  3. Lemon Loves Layette Jane Dress in Eggnog: Cream and ruffles, oh my! When you’re searching for beautiful Christmas dresses for toddlers, you can’t get much more classy than this. It also is available in True Red.
    Baby Girl Christmas Dress in Eggnog | Baby Bling Street Baby Fashion Boutique
  4. Le Za Me Sophia Red Silk Bishop’s Dress: This company makes girl dresses that mesh modern with classic and the Sophia is a perfect example of this. It’s loose and comfy which gives your toddler plenty of room to move.
    Beautiful Christmas Dresses for Toddlers in Red | Baby Bling Street Baby Fashion Boutique
  5. Le Za Me Sophia Plaid Silk Bishop’s Dress: Made of 100% Dupioni Silk, this classic frock has a 100% cotton liner which makes it more than comfortable enough for your munchkin to enjoy all Christmas day.
    Beautiful Christmas Dresses for Toddlers in Plaid | Baby Bling Street Baby Fashion Boutique
  6. Biscotti Luxe Baby and Toddler Dress: If you’re looking for something upscale, this Luxe dress is ideal. It features a lace overlay which makes your sweetheart look like the Christmas Queen!
    Beautiful Christmas Dresses for Toddlers | Baby Girl Christmas Dress | Baby Bling Street Baby Fashion Boutique
  7. Haute Baby Ruby Sparkler Toddler Holiday Dress: A beautifully festive dress, the Ruby Sparkler dress has a bodice of sequins and plenty of fanciful flowers. The skirt has an overlay of tulle and you’ll find plenty of bounce and flounce from it!
    Beautiful Christmas Dresses for Toddlers | Baby Bling Street Baby Fashion Boutique
  8. Mae Li Rose Holiday Red Dress: If you’re searching for something a little more simple, the Mae Li Rose Holiday dress is the perfect fit. This precious red dress has gold satin ruffled trim and comes with an adorable glittering star purse as well!
    Baby Girl Christmas Dress | Baby Bling Street Baby Fashion Boutique

When you have a toddler or baby girl, Christmas dresses are at the top of your list! These eight options are guaranteed to capture the joy of the season. Shop Baby Bling Street online now to score a gorgeous Christmas dress for your little girl!

Tips for Baby’s First Christmas Photo Shoot

There are so many milestones that you simply must capture images of, and one of the most important for many families is the first Christmas. Christmas is a magical time of year and while the photos of a baby crying on Santa’s lap can be cute – we think we can do much better! Here are a few newborn Christmas photo ideas that will help.

1. Location, Location, Location

Don’t feel that you have to stay stifled in a photo studio. Instead, look for holiday backgrounds that may be in plain sight. This includes things like a Christmas tree farm or having photos taken on your lawn with all of your Christmas lights in the background. If you have a little girl, the Lemon Loves Layette Jada, paired with the Poppy Sweater and the Poppy Knit Hat, is simply stunning and photographs beautifully.

Babys First Christmas Outfit | Newborn Christmas Photo Ideas | Baby Bling Street Baby Fashion Boutique

2. Don’t Always Go for Posed

Some of the best, most memorable and cherished holiday photos you’ll cherish are the candid ones, or photos taken when you and your baby aren’t posing. If you’re looking for a great combination for your baby’s first Christmas outfit as well as an outfit that will photograph well try pairing together the Ruffle Butts Red Ruffled Cardigan with the Kennedy Plaid Diaper Cover, the White Footless tights, and the Lemon Loves Layette True Red Lilly Pad Headband. This outfit is not only beautiful, it’s comfortable enough for your little one to wear all Christmas day.

Newborn Christmas Photo Ideas | Babys First Christmas Outfit | Baby Bling Street Baby Fashion Boutique

3. Sometimes “Cute” Is Fine

While it’s all good to go for chic or trendy, remember that sometimes cute is just fine! You can’t get much cuter than if you pair any one of these accessories with your baby girl’s outfit: Ruffle Butts Red Satin Headband, Ilybean Ruby Holiday Nursery Hat, or the Ruffle Butts Red Diaper Cover with Organza Bow.

Babys First Christmas Outfit | Baby Bling Street Baby Fashion Boutique | Newborn Christmas Photo Ideas

4. Snag Sleepy Photos

The Night Before Christmas is a holiday necessity for many families and, if you do a photo shoot with the Ilybean My First Christmas Nursery Hat or the Haute Baby Santa’s Helper Footie – when you add the book and some pajamas for mom and dad, you’ll wind up with trendy photos that are not only adorable but honestly enviable.

Baby's First Christmas Outfit | Newborn Christmas Photo Ideas | Baby Bling Street Baby Fashion Boutique

With these newborn Christmas photo ideas, you are certain to give yourself the gift of wonderful holiday photos. Shop for your baby’s first Christmas outfit now online with Baby Bling Street.

What to Wear for Family Holiday Photos

Finding the right baby holiday outfits for your family photos can cause a huge amount of stress. It can be so hard to make sure that you, and your family, coordinate and complement each other so you’ll have photos you’ll treasure for decades. Relax! We’re here to help. 

Here are a few tips when it comes to coordinating outfits for family pictures:

1. Complement Without Matching 

First, make sure that you complement each other – without matching. There’s nothing worse than a family photo where every family member is wearing blue jeans and white shirts. Try, instead, choosing complementing colors and patterns. For example, when you’re looking for adorable baby holiday outfits you’ll likely want to be a little more formal so the Little Me Aiden Set and/or the Little Me Rosie Set would work beautifully! The black, red and white colors are easy to pick up in the rest of the family’s outfits.

Baby Holiday Outfits | Coordinating Outfits for Family Pictures | Baby Bling Street Baby Fashion Boutique

2. Check the Weather

Next, it’s important to keep the weather into consideration when you’re choosing your outfits. Looking for coordinating outfits for family pictures in the fall? You’ll want something warm and autumnal! The Ruffle Butts Navy Buffalo Plaid Diaper Cover would be absolutely adorable, as would the Navy and Green Buffalo Plaid Onesie. Then just add some shirts that are blue (or a dress for mom) for the rest of the fam and you’ll be perfectly paired! 

Baby Holiday Outfits | Baby Bling Street Baby Fashion Boutique | Coordinating Outfits for Family Pictures

3. Choose a Color Palette That Suits You

If blue isn’t your color, and red looks better, try the Rugged Butts Red Plaid Cotton Button-Up Bodysuit and/or the Red, Black and White Bloomer. These are great options for families with little boys – though little girls certainly can rock similar fashions by Ruffle Butts!

4. Order in Advance

Make sure you order any new clothing well in advance of your shoot, so that you can ensure that everything fits and looks great. It’s important also to make sure that your children are comfortable in what they wear. If they’re uncomfortable, they will be much less likely to cooperate during the photo shoot.

The best family photos capture your love and joy: coordinating outfits for family pictures set the scene for a wonderful shoot! Shop Baby Bling Street online now for baby holiday outfits perfect for your family pictures.

4 Easy Baby Costumes

First holidays are a dream come true when you have a newborn – but they can also be stressful. Take Halloween, for example. It seems like everyone chooses the same cliché looks every year. Here, however, are some creative baby Halloween costume ideas that will not only look amazing, but can be worn daily as well! Who doesn’t love easy baby costumes that do double duty?!

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood Inspiration | Baby Bling Street Baby Fashion Boutique

Who doesn’t love Little Red Riding Hood? The Lemon Loves Layette “Briana” Bonnet in True Red paired with the Lemon Loves Layette “Jane” Dress in True Red is the ideal way to create your own little baby Little Red Riding Hood! Have Dad dress up as the wolf and have mom throw on some granny clothes and you have a fantastic family costume!

Little Boo

Little Boo Onesie | Baby Bling Street Baby Fashion Boutique

When it comes to easy baby costumes, and ones that can honestly be worn over and over again, there’s nothing better than dressing up your little boo. Start with the Sweet Wink Starry Night Black Tutu (which is adorable for everyday wear). Add in the Sweet Wink Little Boo T-shirt and the Sweet Wink Halloween Mini Witches Hat, and you will have a munchkin that is so adorable everybody will be saying, “awwww.”

Hunny Bunny

Bunny Hat and Sweater | Baby Bling Street Baby Fashion Boutique

This costume is perfect for Easter as well as Halloween! The Zubels Bunny Baby Sweater and Hat Set is one of our favorite easy baby costumes that, if you select the right size, will double perfectly as an Easter outfit!


Astronaut Idea | Baby Bling Street Baby Fashion Boutique

Finding creative baby Halloween costume ideas for little ones can be tricky, but this Astronaut option is a blast! The Blade & Rose Rocket Bandana Bib paired with the Cream and Red Star Onesie, Rocket Leggings, and Rocket Socks makes for not only an adorable costume but also one that can be worn whenever a flight of fancy is in order!

Football Fan

Football Fan | Baby Bling Street Baby Fashion Boutique

Do you have a family that loves football? Look no further than the Rugged Butts Football Bloomer for Boys! Then add a t-shirt or jersey from your favorite football team and you not only have a great Halloween costume, you also have the perfect outfit for game day!

Finding the perfect costume doesn’t have to be scary. These creative baby Halloween costume ideas are easy, fun, gorgeous, and practical. Shop Baby Bling Street online for these looks or feel free to give us a call at 877-521-5571 for more great ideas like these!

The Best Newborn Coming Home Gowns

Your bags are packed, the nursery is ready, and all there is to do now is to wait it out until your new bundle of joy arrives. However, are you all set with what she will wear when you take her home?

She will definitely need a sweet and precious “Take Me Home” gown. What better way to present your little sweetheart to family and friends than in a beautiful newborn gown to celebrate this joyous occasion.

Why settle for anything less than special when bringing her home. And, today, newborn dresses come in such a broad range of styles to satisfy every mom’s taste. From classic layette to sparkle and embellishments, there’s a newborn gown that’s just perfect to bring out her personality that matches your own.

Your bags are packed, the nursery is ready, and all there is to do now is to wait it out until your new bundle of joy arrives. However, are you all set with what she will wear when you take her home?

Of course, comfort is the most important consideration when choosing a take me home outfit. Baby’s skin is so soft and sensitive which is why we recommend a 100% cotton gown. And, we recommend that there’s ample room to move her little legs and long enough to keep her toes warm and comfy

Whether you are an expectant mom, grandma, or a friend looking for the perfect coming home outfit or unique baby shower gift… You will fall in love with our collection of gowns. Choose from Frilly Frocks, Haute Baby, Lemon Loves Layette and other brands that will give you many choices of the best newborn coming home outfits for little girls.

Haute Baby Chic Petit Newborn Gown

Is this not the most perfect Take Me Home gown? This “Chic Petit” newborn gown is made of the softest 100% cotton in pastel pink gown. It is trimmed with vintage lace at each wrist and down the center, hiding the snaps for easy dressing.

Haute Baby Peach Blush Baby Dress

This very sweet and pristine “Peach Blush” gown by Haute Baby is just perfect for any special occasion from “Take Me Home” to family outings.

Frilly Frocks Elouise Baby Girl Dress

This beautiful baby gown is reminiscent of long gone traditions of celebrating the joy of a new baby girl dressed in tulle and dripping in lace. This soft mauve-y pink color underlay of soft tulle is enhanced with the vintage lace overlay in ivory.

Lemon Loves Layette Julia Dress

Sure to be one of your favorites!  Lemon Loves Layette short-sleeved “Julia” lilac baby gown in a luscious, spring flower-inspired color is just perfect for your little baby girl.

Cuddle Couture Ivory Gown

 Wrap her up and tie a big bright pink bow on top – after all she’s the best gift ever! This gorgeous ivory newborn gown, covered with a layer of ivory vintage lace, features a bold pink satin bow that would be just perfect for Baby’s First Photo!

Bring your baby girl home in style with these precious newborn gowns. A beautiful baby dress can help you capture the precious first moments of your baby’s life. These newborn dresses, along with our selection of  coordinating blankets, headbands and caps, will leave you with memories that you will cherish forever.

Falling in love with our newborn dresses? See how you can get $5 off of your first order here! 


How to Dress (your baby) as a Disney Princess in the Lemon Loves Layette Collection

Are you looking to find the perfect princess outfit for your baby girl? Whether it’s a Disney vacation, princess party, dress up, or even everyday wear, our Lemon Loves Layette Collection is a great choice! With over 10 different color lines and mix-and-match accessories, your little princess is sure to find the right outfit to make her feel like she just stepped out of a movie!

Here’s are five of our favorite Lemon Loves Layette outfits to make your daughter look and feel like a princess.

Cinderella Blue “Jenna” Gown, and Cherished Moments Barefoot Sandal & Headband Set

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Beauty and the Beast Inspired Outfits for Your Princess from Disney Collection by Tutu Couture

Your little princess has the heart of a dreamer, just like Belle! So if you’ve been looking for the perfect special occasion outfit for her next outing, look no further than the Beauty and the Beast collection, part of the Disney Collection by Tutu Couture!

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Baby’s First Christmas – Our Favorite Newborn Holiday Ensembles

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Introducing Bunnies by the Bay Plush Toys and Baby Apparel

Bunnies by the BayBaby Bling Street is so pleased to introduce the newest baby apparel and gift brand in our baby boutique – Bunnies by the Bay! Featuring some of the cutest and cuddliest gifts for girls and boys… you’re sure to fall in love, just like we have! All Bunnies by the Bay products have a clean, classic style reminiscent of sweet days gone by.

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