How to Dress (your baby) as a Disney Princess in the Lemon Loves Layette Collection

Are you looking to find the perfect princess outfit for your baby girl? Whether it’s a Disney vacation, princess party, dress up, or even everyday wear, our Lemon Loves Layette Collection is a great choice! With over 10 different color lines and mix-and-match accessories, your little princess is sure to find the right outfit to make her feel like she just stepped out of a movie!

Here’s are five of our favorite Lemon Loves Layette outfits to make your daughter look and feel like a princess.

Cinderella Blue “Jenna” Gown, and Cherished Moments Barefoot Sandal & Headband Set


Who needs a fairy godmother when you have the Lemon Loves Layette Collection? If you are looking for the perfect outfit for your newborn princess, you can’t go wrong with our Cinderella Blue “Jenna” Baby Gown! The ruffled top paired with the loose, flowing bottom captures Cinderella’s night at the ball look perfectly! Of course, every little Cinderella needs her slippers and our Cherished Moments “Petals Collection” Ivory Barefoot Sandal and Headband Set adds a little touch of glam that transforms this look from every day to fairy-tale, and the set even includes her very own “crown”! Pair this adorable outfit with the  “Wrap” in Cinderella Blue for a photo shoot or to keep her warm on her magical carriage ride.


True Red “Jane” Dress and Bonnet

Red Riding Hood

Maybe your princess loves to be on the move, like Red Riding Hood. The  “Jane” Dress in True Red and True Red Bonnet Hat duo will make her look like a Disney character and have her feeling like she can walk all the way to grandma’s house! Give her a basket to hold with some cookies to deliver, and not even the Big Bad Wolf could stop her!


Butter Yellow “Mia” Dress, True Red “Lillypad” Headband, and Mae Li Rose Pearl Necklace


With the new live action version of Beauty and the Beast just released, this tale as old as time is more popular now than ever! Dress your little darling in the “Mia” Dress in Butter Yellow to make your beauty feel like the princess she is! The flared, ruffled bottom gives the outfit the exact touch of magic it needs. We all know a Beauty and the Beast look wouldn’t be complete without a beautiful red rose, so we’ve paired the dress with the “Lilypad” Headband in True Red to incorporate the famous flower. If your baby loves a little bit of bling, we suggest adding the Mae Li Rose Ivory Flower Pearl Necklace as the final touch! In this outfit, she is sure to be the “Belle” of the ball and win over even the beastliest of hearts!


“Sweet Garden” Bubble Dress and Enchanted Shimmer Tiara


Pink is always a classic princess color, but with this gorgeous “Sweet Garden” Bubble Dress for Baby Girls, your princess is sure to not only capture eyes but hearts as well! This dress is perfect for your little natural beauty and the flower appliques add just the right amount of nature every little outdoorsy girl is sure to love, like lovely Briar Rose (aka Aurora)! Of course, what princess look could be complete without a crown? Our Enchanted Shimmer Sparkling Pink Tiara Headband pairs perfectly with this dress and with the touch of glitzy sparkle, she will feel like she can rule the world.


Pink Lemonade “Rula” Romper, Hand-Knit Mermaid Tail Blanket, and “Oh Octopus” Headband


Finally, what list of princess looks could be complete without every little girl’s favorite mermaid? If you have a daughter, I’m sure you’ve seen The Little Mermaid more times than you can count. Your little princess probably knows every word to every song Ariel sings and wonders what life would be like Under the Sea. Dress your little princess in our “Rula” Romper for Baby Girls in Pink Lemonade for the perfect outfit to explore the shore and add the Hand-Knit Mermaid Tail Blanket to transform her look from land to sea. We suggest pairing the “Oh Octopus” Headband with the land look for the perfect piece of the sea. In this outfit, she will truly feel like the girl that has everything!