10 Tips & Ideas for Baby’s First Photos

Baby photos have gotten more creative in the last several years, a far cry from the prop-her-up-on-a-blanket portrait from years past. There are endless possibilities of props and poses – it can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. We’ve put together a list of 10 tips to get you started.

  1. Simple can be elegant. Have you seen the headpieces for newborns by Enchanted Shimmer? Their sparkling crowns, tiaras and headwraps are incredibly adorable and add the perfect touch to the first pictures of your little prince or princess. No other props required!
    Enchanted Shimmer Headpieces
  2. Use props from around the house. Some of the best props are items you already own – baskets, hats, large bowls, wagons, one of dad’s ties…get creative! Make sure that baby’s safety is always #1. Someone should always be an arm’s length away.
  3. All wrapped up! Cocoons have become a popular prop for newborn photo sessions. Babies love feeling secure, so being bundled in a cocoon is the perfect way to get pictures of a relaxed, and usually sleeping, baby. Check out this beautiful Dusty Rose Baby Girl Cocoon by Enchanted Shimmer. Wrap your sweet girl up in cashmere accented with silk ribbons and shimmery feathers – soft and beautiful, just like her!
    Enchanted Shimmer Dusty Rose Cocoon
  4. Make it a family affair. A new baby is an exciting addition to a family. Get pictures of the baby by himself, but don’t forget to take pictures with parents and siblings! Simple, tender moments with other members of the family will naturally create wonderful images. Capture those!
  5. Include items that are meaningful to your family. Is there a special stuffed animal that has been handed down through generations? What about a handmade quilt crafted by a relative? Including parts of your heritage adds significance to the photos. You may also want to start a new tradition with the Babs Tilly Mommy and Me bracelet set. How wonderful to wear these in your pictures and pass them down to the next generation.
  6. Don’t limit yourselves to indoor shots. If the weather is nice, head outdoors. The photos will benefit from the natural sunlight and the surrounding scenery will create a beautiful backdrop.
  7. They grow so fast! Keep track of milestones with these ingenious Sticky Bellies sticker sets. Each set comes with months 1-12 and a “Just Born” sticker, too. Peel and stick one to your baby’s outfit every month to create a year’s worth of coordinated photos. Sets are available for boys & girls and are just $9.99 each!
    Sticky Bellies' Milestone Stickers
  8. Soft, white cotton is always in. If you’re having trouble deciding on how to dress your baby, maybe the classic all white cotton outfit is the answer. A simple white gown worked for grandma (and grandpa for that matter) and it will work for your precious one as well. The Jenna Baby Gown by Lemon Loves Layette is a perfect example and even has the option of adding an adorable headband.Jenna Gown by Lemon Loves Layette
  9. Have fun and try different things. Don’t worry if every picture isn’t a keeper. Relax – we have digital cameras! If you have older children, let them come up with ideas (maybe they’ll let baby pose with their favorite toy). It may make for some interesting shots and will help them feel involved, which is important when there is someone new in the family.
  10. Hire a professional! Look at portfolios of local photographers who specialize in newborn photography. They will have props, ideas to share, and won’t stress out when baby doesn’t cooperate. Plus, if you’re lucky just to take shower everyday, maybe planning a photo shoot is best left to the pros!