7 Adorable Holiday Outfits for Baby and Toddler Girls Under $99

The holidays can be an exciting time of year. What parent doesn’t look forward to the seasonal change in children’s outfits? Everything suddenly becomes dazzled in green and red, and there is practically some arrangement of a holiday bow on every skirt, dress, and socks. Racking up all of these outfits can become quite costly, especially when you have more than one child to embellish. Here are a few dresses and sets from our boutique that make a head turning statement, all while staying under $99.

“Niki” Red Satin Dress"Niki" Red Satin Dress

No accessories needed here. This little girls dress is sure to catch everyone’s attention as you celebrate the holidays with family and friends. From our Dolls and Divas Couture collection, this is the perfect outfit to dress your little girl up, but still gives her the freedom and comfort to keep up with the boys!

Shop this outfit here: Dolls and Divas Couture “Niki” Red Satin Dress

 “Juliette” 2 PC. Set
Juliette 2 PC Set
Set- $68 Hat- $16

The bows and large white flower make a very subtle statement for family photos. Because of the long sleeve top and bottoms, it is a great outfit for the winter months when it cools down.  An adorable accessory for this outfit is a white crocheted hat that features the same floral pin as the top.

Shop the outfit here: Purrfect by Haute Baby “Juliette” 2 PC. Set and Hat

“Twinkle Blooms” Toddler Dress & Baroni 24K Gold Vermeil Birthstone NecklaceTwinkle Blooms
Dress- $65 Necklace- $20 Headband- $12

From our Cachcach collection, this toddler ensemble is a cream dress with an overlay of little flowers. What makes this outfit so special is the tiny sequins in the center of the flowers, giving it an extra twinkle to grab the attention of others. Also, the back has a simple button for easy on and off.

A great accessory to this outfit comes from our birthstone necklace collection. These necklaces are 24K gold plated with a birthstone in the center. What a great keepsake for your child! (Quartz Necklace pictured)

Shop the outfit here: Cachcach “Twinkel Blooms” Toddler Dress and Headband & Baroni 24K Gold Vermeil Birthstone Necklace

“Blaine” Party Dress & Meg Dana Black Tulle “Tara” HeadbandBlaine Party Dress & Headband
Dress- $78 Headband- $17.50

Do you have a “fashionista” in your life? This 3-tiered cheetah print skirt will leave your little girl the center of attention at any holiday party. It pairs perfectly with a black Tulle headband. This headband makes an easy accessory for any hair-do, up or down.

Shop this outfit here: Dolls and Divas Couture “Blaine” Party Dress & Meg Dana Black Tulle “Tara” Headband

“Avery” Gold DressAvery Gold Dress

Gold dresses are especially popular during the holidays. If you look closely at this dress, you will notice the great amount of detail that this outfit has. The waistline gold belt is covered in sequins and a gold bow off centered to add a touch of playfulness. The skirt is completely made of gold rosettes, which is what makes this dress so stunning.

Shop this outfit here: Dolls and Divas Couture “Avery” Gold Dress

 “Chelsea Girl” Toddler Dress and HeadbandChelsea Girl
Dress- $72 Headband-$16

Although this outfit is not the usual colors you would see for holiday wear, Cheetah is a very popular pattern this year. The tulle skirt creates an extra girly look paired with black flower bows around the collar. It is really a no brainer on what to accessorize this dress with. The Haute Baby Chelsea Girl headband has a touch of teal tulle to coordinate with the dress’ skirt. This is the outfit to choose if you are looking to have your child stand out in a crowd.

Chelsea Tunic

For those parents out there with two daughters, this Chelsea Girl Outfit has a little sister option to match. What a perfect combination to dress your little girls up in!

Shop these outfits here: Haute Baby Chelsea Girl Toddle Dress and Headband & Haute Baby Chelsea Girl Tunic Set


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