New Mom Survival Tips #4: Nutrition

From growth to brain development, so much depends on what our children eat. Feeding a newborn is a round-the-clock commitment and nutritional needs continue to expand as your baby ages. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) states that breastfeeding is best for infants, as breast milk contains a nutritional blend of fatty acids, amino acids, lactose, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. If breast feeding isn’t possible, infant formula is an excellent source of essential nutrients for infants. Continue reading

New Mom Survival Tips Edition #2: Bed Time

baby romperSleep is invaluable for children who are growing at a rapid pace, and even more so for exhausted mommies and daddies of babies who still wake several times a night. Establishing a consistent sleep routine for young children can be highly beneficial for both you and your baby. Here are some helpful tips to incorporate into a satisfying bedtime routine for everyone in the family.

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New Mom Survival Tips Edition #1 | Car Seats

As a new parent, you want your child to be safe while at home and on the road. Modern car seats offer a plethora of safety measures to ensure that your little one stays secure while traveling to your destination. When used correctly, car seats can reduce the risk of injury by 71 to 82 percent, according to the American Automobile Association. Using a child safety seat is the best protection you can provide for your child when traveling by car and every state in America requires infants and small children to be restrained while riding. Protect your new bundle of joy by following some simple car seat safety tips.

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Our Best Organic Baby Gowns and Onesies On Sale for Your Newborns and Babies


Finn+Emma Kimono Style Gown for Baby GirlsHave you ever thought about why mothers are becoming more and more interested in dressing their newborns and babies in clothing that is made with organic cotton? The organic baby clothing segment is growing and it’s important to understand why this is important for you and your baby.

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