Why Take Me Home Sets Are So Popular Today

I often wonder why “Take Me Home” sets have gained so much in popularity. I know that when I was born in the pre-cell phone and pre-YouTube era, a plain white drawstring gown was enough.

But today, I’ve come to realize, the growth in popularity has to do with how we document everything we do from life’s special blessings to what we eat in restaurants! And bringing home baby is no different. After all, cell phones will be poised as you walk through the door with your bundle of joy, like the paparazzi waiting for an A-list celeb, to document this long awaited arrival.

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Our Best Organic Baby Gowns and Onesies On Sale for Your Newborns and Babies


Finn+Emma Kimono Style Gown for Baby GirlsHave you ever thought about why mothers are becoming more and more interested in dressing their newborns and babies in clothing that is made with organic cotton? The organic baby clothing segment is growing and it’s important to understand why this is important for you and your baby.

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